Zanzibar is also known as “The Spice Island”, whose name evokes a romantic past embalmed in the aroma of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and lemon grass. Touch, smell and taste different spices and tropical fruits. Try to guess which is which, from the crushed leaves, the fruits, shoots and vines and creepers crawling up the trees. Learn about their properties, their origins and their use as medicine and in food and drink. Our guided walking tour passes through villages and spice plantations, a walk through the farms as spice farms workers climbs trees, seek out specific plants and cuts off various barks, letting you see, feel and taste everything. You will be decorated with palm-leaf accessories such as ties, rings, bracelets and glasses. You will have an opportunity to taste some of the exotic fruits of Zanzibar. The spice farm is the best place to buy fresh spices directly from the source. After the tour we invite you for a traditional Swahili lunch served in a local house, here you will get a really taste of the spices in the food. The tour includes visiting the Kidichi Persian Baths built in 1850 by the first Sultan of Zanzibar as a gift to his Persian wife. Zanzibar is famous for its spices and is often referred to as “Spice Island”. Our Spice tour will give you a look at the small rural farms that grow cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and other spices, medicinal and ornamental plants and tropical fruits. It also includes a visit to Persian Baths build in 1850s by Sultan Seyyid Said for his wife Princes Shehrzard .