This Safari starts from hotel in the Zanzibar at earlier in the morning upto Zanzibar ferry to take ferry upto Tanzania. When we arrive Tanzania we will take a jeep and start the journey, onthe way, we will stop for a lunch and then continue to the safari upto The National park. We will game drive until 6:45p.m for the first day, and then we will go to rest. We will sleep inside of the national park ( we will sleep where as we will hearing sound of animals ), if we miss a chance inside the national park, at outside of the Parks there are many hotels (lodges) we will take. Next day after the breakfast we will continue to game drive again, (from that it depends how many nights you will want to spend there). Last day after finish to game drive we will return to the airport of Tanzania to take flight upto airport of zanzibar, we will take taxi upto hotel.

The animals which we will game drive viewing like a Zebras, Elephants,Baboons, velvet money, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, Topi,Giraffes, Crocodiles, Thomson Gazeella, Voucher, Hippopotamus, Rhinos e.t.c.